Seven Five-Star Reviews at for Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die

Texas Ranch north of Uvalde near River Rim Resort--Lagoon just over the rise.
What lives beneath the still water of the lagoon protects the entrance to the secret temple.



A capitivating one night read



With a fast moving plot and purposeful dialogue, Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die captures the reader from the first page and won't let go....There are enough twists and turns to the plot to keep the reader guessing and turning those pages until the stunning conclusion. The is a great read.



Vicki Hagen



Exciting Read


Wow! Let me catch my breath!

Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die is a page-turner that is exciting and also very well writen....Paul Sturm does a great job with his characters and the journey to the other side of myths surrounding the nether regions of dark caves. It is an intriguing novel that will keep readers on their toes with lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it very much.



Jeannie Walker "Award-Winning Author" (New York, NY)



Good and scary


Easily on a caliber with Stephen King and Dean Koontz, Paul Sturm's first novel, "Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die," left me thrilled and mesmerized. The plot's unpredictable twists and turns are compelling enough to keep even the most seasoned reader guessing at the outcome. Distinctive characters and clever dialogue, layered with mystery and ancient lore, proved to be a most irresistible combination. I literally could not put it down! Sequel, please...


Linda Koehl





Excellent Thriller


This is a very exciting novel. I couldn't put it down for a second. Every time I thought I had something figured out, I was shocked by a new twist. Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die is a very well written novel that had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone..,






Vivid Story


A page-turning book that really gets you wrapped up in the story. The descriptions and the characters are very vivid and really make you picture the scene. I really enjoyed the concept of the story and the idea of these creatures. A little scarry with lots of thrill!


Maryn Peinovich 





Scary, But Fun


I don't usually read this type of book. A friend suggested it, so I gave it a try. It scared the pants off me and I loved it! Sometimes I would have to put it down, walk away, and get my heart rate back under control before I picked it up again. Very good read.









I was surprised by this book because it's not the type of book I would typically read (generally I read non-fiction) but I loved the characters in the book and the plot kept me turning the pages. In fact, I found it difficult not to read the book from start to finish and had to pace myself. While some of the material is pretty graphic, it is that same detail that drew me into the lives and psyches of the characters. I am familiar with the geographical area where all the action takes place and I am happy to report that I am Still Alive in Texas! Whispers of the Dead:When Death Doesn't Die is fun to read and left me wanting more. I am eager to read Paul Sturm's future novels.


Still Alive in Texas