502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent

502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent--New Orleans

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502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent--Swamp Shanty
Alphonse-Blind Aligator-502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent





502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent--When Captain Dubois is dispatched to investigate the murder of a nun at Our Lady of Sorrows Convent, he is surprised to find his old High School sweetheart, Rose, as Mother Prioress and apparently still in love with him. Struggling to deny their mutual attraction, they must solve a string of brutal murders before the horrible secret of Our Lady of Sorrows is exposed.



NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON AND BARNES AND NOBLE AS eBOOK--PRINTED COPIES COMING SOON.  The Apostles' Secret: Conspiracy of the Twelve--The Vatican uncovers references to a letter written by Jesus the night before He was crucified. Martin Cardinal Brandt finds himself in a struggle along with his agnostic brother against Islamic forces as well a traitor within the walls of the vatican to determine whether the letter is authentic and if the document still exists. When the letter's pieces are finally unearthed in different parts of the world, dealing with the ancient parchment sets off a string of events that threatens to disrupt the ancient religion of Islam and disclose the date of the Apocalypse.



Genesis A.D.--A prisoner with no memory escapes the hell-hole of an Iraqi prison after being mutilated by a bomb. Mistaken for Jackson Caine, the man awakens in a Texas hospital to find himself surgically altered to an identity he does not recognize, surrounded by people he does not know. Forced to assume his new identity, he conducts a healing service demonstrating supernatural powers. Shocked, he undertakes a mission to discover his true identity and the source of a power he cannot understand and is unable to control.



Resurrection--Disgraced, stripped of his affluent life as a television evangelist when his ministry fall apart, Stoker sets out to discover his real identity. Discovering his mother is a black nun cloistered in a convent in New Orleans exposes a terrible secret of Nazi experimentation and a past the world has struggled to forget. Stoker realizes there is something about him that is not totally human and he must reconcile what he discovers in his quest with what he has come to believe about himself.




Saint Michael's by the Sea--Mutilation, ritualistic human sacrifice and cannibalism are a tragic part of human history. Secret religious orders established by the pope and demonic cults still operating in elaborate temples are myths--or should be. In the remote Irish monastery of Saint Michael's by the Sea, an Episcopal bishop must reevaluate his loss of faith as he discovers the abby's terrible secret and confronts the ancient horror dwelling within a forgotten pagan temple beneath the foundation of Saint Michael's by the Sea.




Saint Michael's by the Sea