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 Paul Sturm, author of Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die and The Apostles' Secret: Conspiracy of the Twelve and just released 502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent, speaking at Southwest Texas Junior College.   




"Writing is the purest form of art expressed from the mind of the writer to the imagination of the reader."    

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502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent--Just when Sister Rose thought she had reconciled her past, her world is turned upside down in Our Lady of Sorrows Convent as the older nuns begin being tortured and murdered. Sparks reignite when the father of Sister Rose's secret child shows up to investigate the murders. Will old flames rekindle or will the convent's secret, involving New Orleans' dark past of Voodoo destroy Rose's ordered life and everyone connected with the convent?



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Apostles Secret: Conspiracy of the Twelve--Paul S Sturm

Will the Deciples' conspiracy remain a secret or will the truth reveal itself after two thousand years?

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"The Apostles' Secret: Conspiracy of the Twelve kept me reading much too late. I had not read fiction in years. Paul Sturm's book inspired me to go out and buy another."


~Msgr. Vincent John Fecher MA, PhD, The Jesuits' Gregorian University. Doctorate in Philosophy from the Dominican Fathers' Angelicum University, both in Rome doing occasional work for the Vatican. 




"Author Paul S. Sturm stirs up an intense conspiracy with smart characters and a well-crafted plot that breathes suspense. Similar in feel to Dan Brown's highly acclaimed mystery novel, The Da Vinci Code. Author Paul S. Sturm crafts his own hard-hitting thriller-a terrific read!"



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"With his intrepid gift for adventure, author Paul S. Sturm spins a fascinating tale of discovery and an exhilarating quest across the globe. Once again he delights readers with an adventure story fueled by an assortment of credible characters, historic settings, and a grade-A plot," said Kathie McGuire director of Brighton Publishing LLC. From Jerusalem to the ancient city of Petra, from a lost monastery near Alexandria to Saint Peter's tomb, Laura and Cutter's search becomes a race against time as they battle against Inshallha and face down death on multiple fronts. The Apostles' Secret: Conspiracy of the Twelve packs a conspiracy punch similar to Dan Brown's bestselling novel Angels and Demons--a stimulating read!"


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"In the tradition of William Peter Blatty and Stephen King, a new voice in horror fiction has arrived--and his name is Paul Sturm," said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. "Paul Sturm is a powerful voice capable of entertaining, and scaring his readers late into the night." 

"Thriller readers are flocking to Paul Sturm's page turner," said McGuire.


PRLog Press states:

Whispers of the Dead: When Death Doesn't Die.  

Mystery/thriller set on a ranch near Garner State Park--scary but fun. PRLog Press states that Paul Sturm's thrill-fest left readers with their lights on at night and double-checking their doors. 

The book that takes Texas folklore to another level has received Seven Five Star ratings on Amazon and is now available at Amazon.com  BarnesandNoble.com as well as book stores everywhere.  


North of Uvalde the Hill Country is riddled with caves. These openings into the earth have never been a problem--until now.


Some doors should remain closed--some secrets should remain secret--502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent, Paul S Sturm.

502 rue le Rouge: Death Enters the Convent